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I’d like to start off by noting that I *know* I’m not wearing anything very noteworthy. At any glance, I’m just a Plain Jane. A Simple Susan, even! However, the last few months have been a journey for me. After jumping in and out of relationships for more than 11 years, I’ve spent the last 6 months single.  I know it may seem silly, but the last time I was ‘alone’ I was 14-years-old.

Being single at 25 is much different than being single at 14. At 14, I was terrified of facing the world without a hand to hold. I felt I needed the comfort of someone constantly telling me I was beautiful. I wanted to feel accepted but even more, desired. When I turned 25, a light went on. I didn’t need to feel desired anymore. I needed to feel accomplished. I needed to feel adventure. I needed to feel my cheeks hurt because I spent all night laughing over a glass of wine with my best friends. I realized I was surrounded by a terrific family and such an amazing group of friends but I had been pushing them aside in order to just feel validated by the opposite sex.

So during my last six months, I’ve worked so hard while focusing on myself. I’ve kicked my butt and met all the goals I set to accomplish during nursing school, I’ve taken spontaneous trips with my friends, and I’ve really thought hard about what I want to accomplish during my life time.

During this self-discovery, I’ve realized I have never felt more confident. I’ve never felt ugly, fat, or not good enough. I feel beautiful - because I know the road I have traveled and I finally know where I’m headed. Whether I’m waking up with bedhead and morning breath or rocking my freakum dress, I feel confident.

Basically, whatever you do… realize that self-image should never be based on others’ perception of you. You don’t need perfect hair, the softest lips, a thigh gap, or a designer purse. Self-image should concentrate on your accomplishments, your aspirations, and the quirky things you do that set you apart from the world.

Top by Lord & Taylor (similar). Necklace by I Am (similar).

Boots c/o Lane Bryant. Jeans by Guess.

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